1. How can I Register at telangana matrimony. Is it Free? 
     Registration is completely FREE, Click on the Registration link and follow the instruction.

2. Can I Register a Profile on someone's behalf? 
     YES, one can register the profiles of their family members/friends/relatives on their behalf.

3. What are the Benefits of Registering at telanganamatrimony.com? 
     Registering at telanganamatrimony.com allows users to have access to the following features, all FREE of cost!

  1. Register Profile
  2. Upload Multiple Photos
  3. Receive Interests from other Members for FREE.
  4. Express Interest for FREE.
  5. Control Visibility of Profile and Photos.

4. What is 'Profile ID'? 
     Profile ID is an unique identifier number that is automatically assigned to the users by the website telanganamatrimony.com, at the time of Registration.

5. Do I have to Upload my Photo? 
     No, uploading of photos is only optional. However, by attaching a Photo, the users have better chances of getting responses/contacts from other members. To upload the photos, users need to login to their Account and Click on "Upload Photos" icon in the "My Account" icon.

6. How much is the membership charge? 
     We are charging Rs.1500, 2000, 3000 and 4000 rupees for gold, Diamond, Platinum and premium memberships.

7. How can I Upload my Horoscope? 
     Click on "edit/upload Horoscope " located under "edit profile" section in the right Menu . In the form shown, click on 'Browse' button and select a photo file from the page. Click on the 'Submit' button to upload the photo. The upload will not be effective immediately. It needs to be approved by the administrator manually, generally within a few hours. You can upload maximum of 6 photoes.

8. How can I Change my Password? 
     Click on "Change Password" icon located in the "Edit My Profile" icon for Members. 
Enter the new password and click 'Change'.

9. Check Visitors - How can I know about those visitors who viewed my Profile? 
     This feature enables the users to know about those visitors who had viewed their profile. To View the Visitors list, Click on "Total users Viewed my profile" icon located under "VIEW COUNT"

10. How can I Bookmark/Add interested Profiles? 
     This feature enables the users to add profiles that they are interested in, to their favorites list. Click on 'Bookmark' icon below the Profile Picture to add it to their favorites list. To View the Favorites list, Click on Bookmark Profile link located under "Bookmark" section in the left Menu.

11. How to De-Activate my profile? 
     You can De-Activate your profile, if you don’t want to display it for other. Click on the De-Activate link under My Account and select De-Activate radio button and click on the Update.

12. Protect photo with Password. 
     You can protect photo with password. Once photo is protected with password it can’t be visible for other.

13. What is Match Alert. 
     Match alert is another feature which sends automated mails to registered use based on his pre selected search criteria. You can set maximum of 3 match alerts.

14. What is ADD-On's ? 
     We have 4 types of ADD-On which are optional, you can purchase it separately.